• Mr. Fukazawa’s massages are by far the best I have ever received.  His knowledge of anatomy and how to stretch out very tight muscles is superior.  He has an almost intuitive sense of where the tension is.  His draping is modest and comfortable.  His calm and quiet demeanor contributes to the feeling of relaxation.  A. Shorey

  • Chris delivered an extremely effective massage in a professional, courteous manner.  He was clearly knowledgeable in his field and kindly took the time to explain all of my concerns and questions.  I would recommend him to my friends and family.  L. Palermo 

  • As a cancer survivor I struggle with lymphedema. It is very painful and impacts my ability to function. Chris is much more than a massage therapist he is most importantly a healer. My swelling is close to normal and the pain is gone. The work he has done has brought me back to life. E. Ingram

  • I've gone to a number of massage therapists over the past 12 years and can say that Chris is the very best.  I attribute this to his years of training in Japan and the US, as well as his clinical approach to massage.  Chris is a gifted massage therapist who focuses on healing and relaxation.   I wholeheartedly recommend him.  D.Torres 

  • Due to my early pregnancy, I had nausea and vomiting, I couldn't keep my dinner down. I called Chris for Shiatsu treatment, since I've seen him, I had no symptoms. Shiatsu worked like a gem!! 
        Chris, you are a miracle worker. S.Klaus

  • When I found about Lypossage, I was very skeptical and didn't know what to expect. Chris explained theory of Lypossage and answered all of my concerns. My cumulative total lost was 9.75 inches on Zone 1. My skin tone has been improved and I feel great as well as look. I would recommend Lypossage with Chris to anyone who detox and tone the body without surgery.  R.Seliber

Iyasu Massage Therapy: Testimonials
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